PM Trudeau of Canada: “Regardless of the fact that we are attacking fundamental rights, or limiting your fundamental rights, & the Charter says that’s wrong, we’re still gonna go ahead & do it"...para

by Paul Alexander

I am trying to get the full video to see all he said prior to and after this for it is shocking, I need to see it all but wanted to share these words...need full context though

Trudeau says regardless if what they are doing is wrong, they will go ahead and do it

Update: now I have seen the full video and in the spirit of honesty and I like when the full truth is out there, the PM was discussing the notwithstanding clause. And so it is not applicable, that speech to the Canadian Trucker situation. We have to be honest and I have to be. We must not ascribe something to someone if we have the proper information and now we do. So I have to update that and say do not apply that talk to the truckers. However, I detest what was done to the truckers authorized by the PM and how they were beaten and dehumanized and the emergency powers used wrongfully. They were peaceful. Unless I come to learn of some subversive actions by the truckers which I have not been aware of, I cannot say they were anything other than law abiding and decent and loving and wanted a discussion with the government (alike in the US) for the vaccine mandates and declaration has no basis in science and they are suffering financially. I know many OPP and Ottawa police who said they stood down and stayed home and would not do it. We need to know who did the beating and the like. It is out there for you to see.

That said, the video does not relate to the truckers and so I have to ensure that part is corrected. Again, what was done to the truckers by the PM is devastating and has damaged Canada’s name globally. Thank you for all who updated.