Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren: 'If I ‘Had a Penis’ I’d Be President'; God help us if you had a penis, but Liz needs to know, she would need more than that, e.g. a brain would be a good start!

by Paul Alexander

an IQ in double digits, commonsense, love of US, flag, it's culture, it's borders, it's constitution, it's people, & stop hating men! start there Liz, a penis is not all you need, Slick Willie had one

Many women never needed a penis to become leaders of their nations. Liz is wrong. Misguided. To think this way diminishes the potency of women and their strengths.

I could mine the finest minerals,
Conferrin' with my generals,
A closet bolshevik;
The rubes would all respect me
In four years they'd reelect me
If I only had a dick.

I'd be more than just a token
Of misogyny unspoken,
The carrot and the stick;
I would dance and be merry
I'd be scrappy, I'd be scary, 
If I only had a dick.