Poison pills in COVID 'virus' & why we must investigate Fauci, Francis Collins, Baric, Daszak etc. & jail them if wrong is shown; the manufactured virus's spike is deadly as is the vaccine's spike

by Paul Alexander

Poison pills, I am arguing that we are ALL damaged to some extent from the COVID virus, regardless of natural immunity; Fauci et al. played God & damaged humanity, mRNA/LNP vax inventors too

I am closer to concluding that we are all injured in varying degrees, due to exposure to the virus, regardless of natural immunity. Or recovery. I think this virus hurts us all. I do not think it is as clean as exposure, then immunity, and that is it. I think the vaccine then adds a devastating component to a devastating virus that Fauci et al. created and we must hang them for if a court rules they did wrong and are at fault. If a proper court says imprison, we jail. If it says death penalty, we then impose. We let the courts lead.

This new study below on auto-immune disease risk post virus infection raises serious questions and I thank Drs. Christof Plothe and Walter M Chesnut. I include Chesnut’s stack below.


I believe what we will discover is that people are NOT developing Sjogren’s, Arthritis, Diabetes, Vasculitis etc. PER SE. WHAT THEY ARE DEVELOPING IS A SYSTEMIC AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE INDUCED BY THE SPIKE PROTEIN WHICH MIMICKS THESE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES!!!!!

This is stunning in clarity for he is saying that if there is reverse transcription into the DNA, then this can have far reaching humanity implications. Yet we already have research showing this (I have published on substack). There is reverse transcription.

What Chestnut is saying is that the spike protein is so deadly (remember purified spike protein without the rest of the viral ball can devastate the endothelial lining), whether it is from virus or from mRNA gene vaccine, that it must be cleared and dissolved out of the body. It will cause catastrophic auto-immune disease. McCullough, Risch and I are supporting a company that has made a formulation that dissolves spike (with nattokinase, a natural blood thinner) and helps support (The Wellness Company). It seems that spike removal will be the key concern going forward. See the product here:





‘In a German study, a total of ‘641,704 patients with COVID-19 were included. Comparing the incidence rates in the COVID-19 (IR=15.05, 95% CI: 14.69-15.42) and matched control groups (IR=10.55, 95% CI: 10.25-10.86)’, researchers found ‘a 42.63% higher likelihood of acquiring autoimmunity for patients who had suffered from COVID-19.

This estimate was similar for common autoimmune diseases, such as Hashimoto thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, or Sjögren syndrome. The highest IRR was observed for autoimmune disease of the vasculitis group. Patients with a more severe course of COVID-19 were at a greater risk for incident autoimmune diseases.’

Researchers concluded that SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with an increased risk of developing new-onset autoimmune diseases after the acute phase of infection.

WMC Research
Persistence of the Spike Protein May be Inducing Systemic Autoimmune Disease MIMICKING Sjogren’s, Arthritis, Vasculitis, Diabetes, etc.
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