POLICE officer makes traffic stop, man jumps out with machete; police officer shoots him dead; praise be to my God for this; I thank the police officer; I want to know attacker's religious persuasion

by Paul Alexander

Police put their lives on the line so this officer is correct here, this is madness; let us investigate to see if this is a wolf...well done Mr. Police officer!!!! pin a medal on him!

As I said before, if I ever see a police officer (s) under attack, I WILL stop and help them, I will help defend them no question, black, white, all…



Police: Hatchet-wielding man charges officer, is fatally shot

The officer was conducting a traffic stop when a second car pulled up and a man with a hatchet jumped out, police said

“A veteran Naperville police officer fatally shot a man Friday morning who came at him with a hatchet during what officials described as a routine traffic stop on the city's north side.

The officer had pulled a car over about 11 a.m. in an office park near Bond Street and McDowell Road when a second vehicle pulled up in the same area, a Naperville Police Department news release said. A man in his 20s emerged from the vehicle and charged at the officer with an axe.

In response, the 22-year police veteran pulled his gun and shot him.

The man was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. His identity is being withheld pending notification of family.”