Police, the Blue, I love them, I stand by police first, support them, they risk their lives & I praise them, but 5 Memphis police from what I saw are they did to Tyre Nichols; great CNN reporting

by Paul Alexander

I want the 5 investigated as via proper legal inquiry, proper courts, proper judges, full defense, yet based on what CNN shows, these 5 must be imprisoned with hard labor for life!

There were police who were not handling him who rushed in to kick him and punch, why? The overall police must not be judged by this, overall law enforcement is tremendous and not represented by these 5, but these 5 must be harshly punished. No mea culpa. Thank God for the video in this case.

Yet, we have to stand back and not rush to judgement and allow all sides to explain and defend actions, yet the video is staggering and clear. This is very difficult to watch. What do you think? Did he deserve to lose his life? Was this normal to you?

This must be difficult for most other police officers, the over 800,000 police officers in America.

Now IMO go fire and prosecute those involved in the Texas Uvalde killing of the children, the derelict police.

Anyhow you cut this, this was a set of depraved Memphis police officers. They treated Tyre less than a human being. Where was the humanity? This guy had parents and family etc. who saw this.

As a peoples and society we now have to find the grace and mercy to work through this together.

This one, I have to say no, no, no, this cannot be explained. This is actual police abuse and violence on a person. Not all police and law enforcement, most a tremendous. But something is wrong and accountability and justice must come fast.


Five black police officers had zero regard for this black man, no regard for Tyre Nichols’s life, none. They showed no regard for this human being. They are a stain to the black community, they are putrid.

I do not hate and we must always have gracious mercy and compassion. And love and support police. Yet these 5 and some more, killed this man and must spend a very long time in prison. I do not care what he did and I saw no response, he did not react to them. But this one is shocking. I am shocked.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. This was wrong. This was a human being. What were they thinking? He appeared to not be fighting back.

This impacts the vast majority of good, great, decent police. That is the devastating issue. These 5 Memphis police were craven thugs.

The law must deal with them as such. Penalize them using legal processes.