Poorer nations, African, Asian etc. that have lowest COVID rates & vaccine harms & deaths are exactly due to lower rates of vaccine, less aggressive roll-out; stay the course lower-income nations!

by Paul Alexander

Stay the course, stay the course, big pharma is pressing but stay the course...COVID is over & it is very vaccine that will keep it going, non-sterilizing unsafe vaccine; UN & Fauci & pharma know it!

They know what they are doing, Fauci, Francis Collins, NIH, CDC, Bourla, Bancel etc.'; they all know that if they keep vaccinating with this mRNA vaccine that does not cut the chain of transmission, that the pandemic will never end and variant after variant will emerge. This is known in basic immunology so if we wish the pandemic to continue for decades, then just continue as we are doing now with these ineffective failed harmful vaccines; yes, we go after our statistical zero risk healthy children that do not need this filth, this is criminal.

Stand firm, poorer nations, stand firm.