Portugal: maybe the world's most vaccinated nation and they boasted about it; you are seeing what is very troubling, that in the new waves, it does not get to baseline downward side; China in trouble

by Paul Alexander

No baseline so tremendous virus is hanging out there in the population, lots of infectious pressure, ripe for selection pressure due to non-sterilizing vaccine; we also see deaths increasing


Portugal has the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in the world 

What is happening? Did the vaccine not work? The mRNA shots. Seems that the vaccinated are in fact getting infected, and getting severely ill. Remember, we have been saying, do not be fooled that the uncoupling of deaths from infection/cases meant it was over with Omicron. We thought it was. We thought OMI was a gift. But this pandemic will never end as long as these imperfect leaky vaccines continue (sub-optimal imperfect immune pressure/non-neutralizing Abs against elevated infectious pressure while in an ongoing pandemic) and IMO this is deliberate. These people cannot be that stupid. GVB has warned and IMO makes much sense that the mRNA induced vaccinal Abs are binding to the spike (the infectiousness of the virus) but not eliminating the virus. In fact the vaccinal Abs are potentially enhancing/facilitating infection in the vaccinated and we fear that a virulent/lethal variant could be selected for that would increase severe outcomes.

Portugal cases today:



You see, what their lockdowns ZERO-COVID has done is it only delays the inevitable, it suffered people, damaged economies, and left the population vulnerable as it opens back up. You deny the population natural exposure immunity with long tight harsh lockdowns that have never ever worked anywhere in the world, and you denied them having enough baseline natural immunity to tamp down future exposure and waves. As long as infectious variants emerge and they will due the failed vaccine that is driving this each 2 months or so, places like Australia, New Zealand, China etc. are in trouble. Will be in and out of lockdowns.

The only step needed in February/March 2020 was to strongly and properly protect the vulnerable high-risk e.g. elderly, and allow the rest of society (low risk healthy well) to live largely reasonably normal lives. Nothing else, if sick, stay home. No lock down, no school closure, no shelter in place, no mask mandate was ever needed. Every single COVID policy failed globally! It in fact harmed and killed people instead. Not the virus.