Portugal, what a COVID hot mess! most vaccinated nation (well, Israel etc.) but near 90% vaxxed (graph A), an omicron wave that is not letting go (graph B) & not getting back to baseline (see India).

by Paul Alexander

and Graph, C shows escalating deaths (death curve) post the case wave; yet look at Graph D being South Africa, see one of the least vaxxed nations, yet smothered OMICRON 5th wave; why?

For South Africa (Graph D), we see 5 waves, each getting higher in terms of peaks, waves getting more rapid in terms of duration between waves, and waves not getting back to baseline yet the 5th wave seems to be benefitting from…what? natural exposure immunity in the unvaccinated? maybe innate immune system being ‘trained’ in the unvaccinated??? Again, look at India, massive use of early treatment and chemoprophylaxis and what do we see? India has managed in the Delta and omicron sub-variants quite well even though there are new reports of India increasing its vaccination, yet not with the mRNA gene platform (Graph E).

Graph A

Graph B

Graph C

Graph D


Graph E