POTUS Trump, '45', remains the only one on tap who can save America from the DC swamp & deepstate, the radical left & equally harmful RINOs etc., Kennedy Jr. is a principled smart man of courage who

by Paul Alexander

can help America and should be asked to lead HHS so that he can burn down, raze CDC, FDA, HHS, NIH to the ground, take it down to the studs & stop attacking DeSantis, great governor, veteran!

DeSantis can be one of the faces of the future and to attack him, Trump loyalists, damages someone who has done good by Florida and served the US in uniform! Stop this insanity! Yes, I, we, you, may support Trump but do not carve up Ron giving the leftist loon democrats red meat for the future. No, help polish Ron for the future. Strengthen him as we unify behind ‘45’.