POTUS Trump aka '45', an 80 million man and woman standing army, with him! Real soldiers, silent! Who could boast that, Obama the gun runner (cough cough Holder)? Biden? Clinton? Bush? The Pope? Who?

by Paul Alexander

Who alive? Be very careful what you do to Trump, for it will be done to you, each law you break, each breach of him, many look on, any precedence you set will be used on you in the courts, all of it!

All you do to 45 will be returned in the courts and ballot box, you will rue the day, your turn will come! And we will not forget! Pimp for pimp we will return it.

America remains the greatest nation on this earth of peace and hope, a beacon of hope…nothing like her…with all her blemishes…she is not perfect…like her or not…where will you go to? Yemen? Where? France, or Sweden where your girls are at risk to the militant islamists? That Merkel destroyed? You best build funeral pyres for Merkel set you on that path.


Where do you at least with your 2nd have the pretence of freedom, pretence as it may be at times…where? Britian? Get real. As problematic at times as she may be with the leftist goons on deck, yes, our America, as listing as she is now, in all those leftist democrat states, as crazy as it may be with the freak RINO eunuchs who are animal and child abusers ‘in the dark’, you know who they are, as crazy as it may seem, there is no nation like America, and none worth saving like her, save Canada, yet look at the leftist freaks we have there and the pretend conservatives like Kenney and the Fords…look at the mess…and you tongue lash America?…you spit on her flag? her constitution, her borders, her anthem? her police?

you do that when Churchill turned to her and asked her to come in 1940s, send her sons to die to liberate Europe and she sent them, her sons died for us, for people they would have never lived to see, she crossed the Atlantic in droves! she gave her sons to free the world from Hitler and Germany, and when asked para ‘what do you want in repayment’ and America said para…’we seek not to occupy, we seek nothing, just give us a plot of land to bury our dead, our fallen, that is all’…and you see those plots now, today, full of white crosses all over the world…and you spit on America? you sick filthy banal person…you spit on the nation that today, had it not been for her, you would be wracked in communism and fascism, even though I argue we are there too…'‘lite’…and for sure on the road to kneeling braying, prostated…Trump put a pause on where Obama was taking you…only he can ensure it never happens…read my white spaces.

…You seek to destroy a President because you don’t like him? A good man, that most save Abe and George, most, all past POTUSes, have not done what he did in his Presidency for America.

so tell me why do you wish him so much ill fate? tell me why? not what the media says, you think, tell me why? you can’t, and you know it. you are just a spinless, weak pusillanimous person, you are a follower. yes, a sheep. I say worse than that.

where do you wish to go? and you hate the orange man because he is bold? he is crass? he lacks sensitivity? truth is, you envy him, thats all…oh you don’t like his ‘way’, his ‘manners’? so you like Macron the ball-less one from France? These people placed your military and police in harms way, many are COVID vaccine injured and will pay a price in time. They did that as leaders.

You find a child in the poorest corners of the earth, barefoot, in the barrios, in the ghettos, in the poor street and ask them whisper to me where do you want to go, and cannot even speak English, they whisper, “America, New York”…they even say “Trump”…