POTUS Trump aka '45'; word is that '45' is seriously considering ways to go back to 'liability protection' under Azar's fraud PREP Act, to retroactive disband it & a victim compensation fund for vax

by Paul Alexander

injured; this is all I may share at this time; do not ask me more; but good sources and good money on a for sure reversal of liability protection for vaccine makers and CDC etc., & a victim fund

This is what I am hearing and my sources are tops; moreover, I knew ‘45’ would strongly study and consider this, ways to help fix the madness and harms under Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Azar etc. He knows what he has to do to make Americans ‘whole’ again.

This is my sense. He will do right by us and fix these devastating policies that happened in his first administration.

Huge praise for him, love the guy, will make a great POTUS 2nd shot…I support him!