POTUS Trump I believe is the right person to lead America 2024 to 2028 (if we can survive till 2024 with Brandon) yet I support Ron but it is who can do what needs to be done in Washington, BUT...

by Paul Alexander

POTUS Trump MUST stand up now urgently and denounce the lockdowns and denounce the fraud deadly mRNA technology gene injection vaccines that inventors brought that kills us

Trump was misled in the White House, he was subverted by CDC, NIH, FDA and Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins and many around him and we understand this. Azar damaged him. Bourla and Bancel and Moncef damaged him. Yet let us be honest, the lockdowns happened on his watch and the vaccine and he must stand up now with empathy and let the people know that he sees the harms and wants it stopped, and he must call for all vaccines and mandates to be stopped immediately and no vaccine passports ever and none for children and none for anyone, that it must be pulled now; he must promise to do all he can to make people ‘whole’ again, compensated by the government, and reverse the liability protection and allow us to sue the pharma and government officials, and allow doctors and the medical system to use off-label therapeutics immediately as early treatment for this COVID and any such in the future.

POTUS Trump was on his way to being re-elected handsomely and I was there, there was no one to challenge him, on pace to be the greatest POTUS save Abe and George. He can get there again, but must fix the wrongs Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins did. And all who did wrong must be investigated, jailed if we have to if wrong is shown and even executed if a judge declares the death penalty is in order for many lives were lost, our precious people, due to the actions of the health officials and pharma etc. We want justice. I will help with the gallows if they need help, if a judge warrants it after fair jury trial.

Let me be clear, if DeSantis gets the nod, I will support him and do all I could to help him to the White House. I appreciate the work he has done for Florida and I think will be a great POTUS in time. I will support him and do support him, love Dr. Ladapo. A friend and a superb man of character, lovely family, and brilliant. I want the best person now and I think Ron will be seasoned and ripe and ready in 2028, but he needs a bit more. Trump is ready, angry, vengeance-ful and I love that, we need that, he knows where all the bad shit is in DC and can hit the road running after the destruction wrought by Biden et al. The damage is staggering and only a certain person can right the ship. No learning curve at this time, too much at stake. Trump is the person, he has what we need. This is a good man, a decent America loving person. Few can say same like how he could.

We shall chose the best person and rally behind and support fully. Anything is better than now.