POTUS Trump I believe will be POTUS again & he MUST in first hour i)reverse any liability protection & make it retroactive ii)end any and all mandates linked to COVID iii)make early treatment drugs

by Paul Alexander

available to all doctors & pharmacies & no penalties for doctors prescribing iv)ensure all who were laid off & lost jobs re mandates, rehired, back pay & extra, & made 'whole' again v) jail officials

vi) Trump must also end all gain-of-function research, ever, it is dangerous and has no place. Done!

vii)he must remove the COVID mRNA technology gene shots from the child immunization schedule

viii)outlaw any vaccine passports or anything resembling that

ix)shut down the corrupted VAERS database by CDC and implement a new updated fully functional adverse event surveillance system, and one geared to COVID injection adverse effects

Key is number i) so that we can take all pharma, all doctors, all vaccine makers and CEOs, all bureaucrats, all alphabet agency officials who partook in this the greatest crime in history, this fraud non-pandemic, and we take them to courts and strip them of every penny and then we imprison many. For each life lost due to their madness.

I want these beasts punished harshly for what they did to Trump, the response, and our precious people.

We lock them all up! I think that some of their actions were so criminal that we must ask judges to look at the death penalty and if judges agree and rule as such, then we take some to the gallows. I am very serious, only after proper legal inquiries and a judge ruling. We only work with the courts.

I agree with Trump, we must consider executions again, firing squad, all of it… not just for the rampant depraved murderous ruthless street crime, but for the health officials and all who caused loss of life in COVID. Once a court rules.

We hang them high if a judge says so. Any and all of them, no matter if your ‘friend’.