POTUS Trump: I support him/you fully, 100% on the Trump train, I feel he is the best person for America & what she faces re the past COVID disaster & Biden et al. yet he must call out Fauci, Francis

by Paul Alexander

Collins et al. for the fraud catastrophic lockdown lunacy & the mRNA technology based gene injections that has killed; he has to say that he knows the lockdowns & gene injection has harmed us

I can support you, I can support Trump fully and do! I do think he the right person to lead at this time, and I even think he can go down as the greatest POTUS save Abe and George given a fair shot and the chance to right the wrongs and finish what he started, yet I can call you out on the failure of the lockdowns and the OWS drugs and gene injections. I can do both and call on you to stand up urgently and speak out against the lockdowns and injections. You were misled and you trusted the doctors and scientists that reported to you and whose job was to give you top quality, trustworthy, robust scientific guidance, unbiased and accurate, weighing the risks and benefits of the alternative courses of action. You were not given this. You were subverted and lied to and misled. I know. I saw. Yet we cannot live in a dream world. The lockdowns and school closures harmed our people and even killed and the COVID mRNA gene injections have harmed and killed and will kill more. You must stand up and it is time!

POTUS Trump, you must call out Fauci et al. and stand against the lockdowns and the COVID injections. You must state that in the first hour of a 2nd term, you will work quickly toward and strongly consider and implement:


2)EO to make available a victim compensation fund, with special attention to our military and police yet his will be 100% for every American

3)EO standing up facilities and even use existing Veteran Affairs or similar, that would provide immediate and long-term care to all those injured by the lockdowns etc. and the COVID gene injections, and for FREE (no cost)

4)focus on justice and accountabilty as long as it takes to hold accountable all who played a role in COVID, from manufacture, release, to the pathogen to lockdowns to vaccine

5)EO setting up robust long term adverse effect surveillance systems and critical event and data monitoring systems to monitor and track the harms from the vaccine so that we know how best to offer and tailor and predict care needs arising from the lockdown lunacy and the gene injection vaccines.

POTUS Trump you must ensure that this immediate set of actions within one hour of being sworn in transcends left and right, democrat and republican, as you work for the rest of your life to make Americans ‘whole’ again. No one will be denied based on ethnicity, religion etc. All Americans as we move forward.

Trump is imperfect as we all are. I am not interested in his personalty and Stormy of yesterday. I do think he is unfaily attacked and smeared and his family is ravaged wronfully. Yet I believe a very good human being, like I think of DeSantis, of Kennedy etc. and others yet I do believe that while they can make superb leaders and play critical leadership roles, only Trump today has the necessary attributes to face the world we live in. He loves nation, flag, anthem, borders, constitution. He loves America. Most of these people cannot say this in ways he can.

Today it must go beyond who you ‘like’ and must focus on who can get the job done, is equipped, and who can face the challenges. Who has the best shot.