POTUS Trump interview with Candace Owens, I have found her very smart and professional and balanced...I am shocked at this interview for it seems that POTUS Trump is not contemporary with the science

by Paul Alexander

You know I supported/support him, I thought he did very good things especially for the minority population, but I have been clear his lockdown decision was a failure, failed to fire Fauci & Birx

Look, it pains me for I hold deep respect for the office of POTUS, whether it is Biden or Trump and I did and do support Trump…I thought had this pandemic not come, had the disaster of the response not come and it did hurt him, he would have done a tremendous 2nd…but let me be clear, I so support him and admire all he did and saw and know achievements the media never credited him for…I did think Jan 2020 he was destined for Rushmore…I mean his face may not have gotten there (and may have) but what he was doing was as transformative and tremendous for the nation…I did think he was that good and capable and destined for more…but I have been clear and will again now based on the interview with Owens today:

The pandemic response as to the lockdowns (he allowed Fauci and Birx to take control of the response and their lockdowns killed business owners, employees, and our children…this was a devastating mistake he made and I know not deliberate but it was catastrophic as they subverted him, they worked against him…)…I know of data and reports where children in the US hung themselves coming up from the states due to Fauci, Collins, and Birx lockdowns…they just could not hold on any longer and we could not save them.…it was Atlas fighting the clown car Task Force daily to open society, to open schools…to take balanced reasonable approaches…to factor in the vicious harms from the policies…dont harden them, re-avaluate…re-adjust….it was I also fighting Fauci and NIH to open society and schools…giving them data and science they simply were ignoring…sharing to anyone I could and who would listen…trying all how to share information…sharing and talking to them about an age-risk stratified approach (based on strong protections of the vulnerable and elderly first and allowing the healthy and well in society to live largely unfettered lives given their health and strong immune systems and they would in turn protect the elderly) that was geared to risk and not a carte blanche lockdown for I knew the devastation that would result and that you do not just implement a policy without factoring in the crushing harms from it…I wanted in my small way to help save lives….but again, for another time, right now, I wish to respond to this interview POTUS Trump did for I think he was not honest with her…

  1. the lockdowns and school closure and pandemic response under Trump will go down as the greatest public health blunder and disaster ever…yes, they are devastating under Biden but it was Trump’s Task Force that began a hollowing out of poor people and children…with their illogical and irrational nonsensical policies…many children starved in the US for months when schools were closed; many thousands of children were sexually abused when schools were closed for the school is where we get indications first and thus they escaped being flagged; we had mothers and fathers taking their child (we had reports) limp and unresponsive in their arms to the ER doctor telling them ‘we think we may have killed the child…we have been out of work and locked down and abusing each other and now we may have killed the child’…POTUS Trump I can tell you was very moved, pained by this and tried hard to get Fauci and Birx and the states to open up and open schools…the harms from the lockdowns were far greater than any from COVID…and we saw the data daily…

  2. the vaccines, these COVID vaccines, are the 2nd greatest public health disaster and have harmed people…they, the vaccines, have failed and we did not need them…we needed none of these vaccines as we had early drug treatment…we had vitamin D, we could have gotten the nation healthy (reduced weight/obesity)…we could have allowed the young and healthy their natural immunity to then help protect the vulnerable….I warn, children must not be vaccinated with these vaccines…period…under no condition…we could end up killing thousands of children…So I just do not understand POTUS Trump’s words to Candace Owens. I need to re-listen for his words are not contemporary with the existing data and science.

I am confused by this interview for maybe part is missing for what POTUS Trump stated was factually incorrect and wrong as to these vaccines! Something does not make sense here.