POTUS Trump wanted No COVID mRNA technology vaccine mandate, just offer it, make it available, DO NOT mandate it; I know, I also made myself clear no vaccine needed; FDA, CDC, Fauci came after me!

by Paul Alexander

It is very important you understand this, the mRNA technology was deadly day one, from past to present, was criminal to invent and develop it, all involved, but 2nd term Trump was to be no mandate

"No COVID mRNA technology vaccine mandate, ever, just offer it, make it available, DO NOT mandate it" para. POTUS Trump said this in the administration as well as out of the administration. Mandates and the punishments if you did not take the shots, came under Biden administration, as you know. It is an important distinction.

It was my sense that Trump was indeed concerned about the safety of the vaccine, so was Dr. Atlas, and he was never going to mandate it, never! He said and strongly signaled that ‘safety is key first’. The administration understood that he wanted no vaccine unless it was studied and safe, in spite of the time line. But he did not know that Fauci and Francis Collins and Bourla and Bancel and OWS people and CDC and FDA and NIH were lying to him, openly and he trusted. He wrongfully trusted. They were the experts. It just did not compute to him that these people could be so reckless and dangerous, given who they were. That corners had to be cut to get 15 years into months. The point is that they were never ensuring safety but he felt they were. That they had to yet he did not know ‘they did not have to’. They controlled the full process and they were not doing what needed to be done. They repeatedly told him it was safe.

He also understood the importance of free choice and so does today. I was there. There were enough questions in his head even as he trusted the FDA, CDC, NIH, Fauci, Francis Collins etc. He suspected they were malfeasants. He just did not know they were hollowing him out ‘in plain sight’, inside the house. It was stirring in Trump that CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Birx, Collins et al. were serious scoundrels, untermensche, malfeasants, working against America. IMO. Trump knew they were not above board, that these were bad sub-optimal people to America. So very many of these types must be investigated and if shown did wrong and caused deaths by their COVID lockdown lunatic policies, must be stripped of every cent and imprisoned.

Yes, I know many thousands of COVID mRNA technology vaccine deaths have happened due to the forced vaccine mandate and now the data is clear that the vaccine is ineffective and is deadly. You should know he never wanted it mandated. I am telling you from the inside. Biden administration refused to listen to that. This must be investigated.


Yet I can tell you from the inside as I fought Fauci and CDC and NIH on school closures and lockdowns and masks, that Trump was clear, no mandate whatsoever. In discussions I knew about and heard and was part of, no mandate.

The Biden administration decided to mandate the shot, not Trump. Yet I don’t even blame Biden. No, this is not a republican or democrat thing, I can easily attack Biden for the vaccine deaths for he rolled it out, but will not. As much as Trump was misled, so was Biden etc. These people were not doctors or scientists, they depended on proper advisement from their health agencies etc. OWS happened under Trump, but the shots were rolled out under Biden. Both were devastatingly misled. The pressing devastating question for the Biden administration is that there was clear evidence soon after the shots were rolled out that the effectiveness was rapidly waning, that the shots were not sterilizing the virus and did not stop infection, replication, or transmission, and deaths were accruing immediate post shot. Thus why did the Biden administration implement the mandates and force them under threat of law and removal from society and ability to earn a living? Why? Biden et al. must answer as to why the teachers unions had a role in deciding on the opening of schools and not real objective scientists? Why did the Biden administration close and keep schools closed while evidence was clear that children were not spreaders and did not get severely ill or die from COVID infection?

All involved, from mRNA technology all the way to vaccine, must be investigated, all. To find out who and why, and when did they mislead the Presidents, both Trump and Biden. All who saw COVID as their golden ‘cash in’ opportunity, to enrich themselves, must be investigated. Fully! All who misled Presidents must be investigated. Imprisoned if they have to be for they costed lives! We must not allow them amnesty or to run to the hills. Grab them by the short and curlies and bring them to account in proper legal inquiries.