POTUS Trump's recent statement today on VP Mike Pence actions July 21st 2022; POTUS Trump made 2 grave mistakes with Fauci, Birx, Collins, Bourla lockdowns & COVID vaccines (OWS); at the same time...

by Paul Alexander

very serious questions emerged on election night, even if it could have gone either way; some fishy things occurred that warranted serious inquiry; proper inquiry; look what we got now! disaster!

Our nation, economy, way of life, all of it is near in complete destruction under the Biden administration. They are not only stupid and inept, some of their actions seem to be against the best interest of the US. It is really something to see. I really do not think POTUS Biden is really aware of what is happening around him. Yet if they were the rightful winners, we have to support and move forward. Even if we do not agree. We should have examined the results in a proper manner, make no effort to subvert any process, and can you fathom if Trump really won and this was stolen?

This whole January 6th inquiry is a clown car for it lacks any credibility given no republicans are seated and there is no proper defense of Trump. The two RINOs that are there hate him with venom and they cannot even hide it. This is no trial or assessment, it’s a clown car show and a predetermined outcome.