Praise for Fauci: 'New York Exempting Athletes From Vaccine Mandate ‘Might be Unfair’: Fauci': look, I try to be honest & straight up, & I know the game he is playing, he is IMO inept but huge praise!

by Paul Alexander

IMO, one of the most inept, political, incompetent so called 'scientists' on COVID, I wont comment here on other aspects, just COVID, he has failed, he failed Trump, damaged him but I thank him here

New York Exempting Athletes From Vaccine Mandate ‘Might be Unfair’: Fauci

Its not ‘might be’, it is unfair, it smells and wreaks of pure BS politics, and there is no science to support this…none. Opportunism by Mayor Adams and I am hot on his work one days and cold the next…this is one.

Praise for the little one today, though he is fudging and playing games with the language but praise all the same when due.

Thank you Dr. Fauci for showing gonads the WH does not have nor most. I know why you did this and all the same, you damaged the nation and your lockdown polices with Birks and the like killed many people in US and I say the world who followed, and damaged our children for decades to come. You caused devastation.

But thank you for this today. You deserve praise.