Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta, this lady is showing what real guts and strength is & love of nation; "The now-passed Sovereignty Act intends to prevent 'unconstitutional' federal government

by Paul Alexander

overreach into matters of provincial jurisdiction. "Including but not limited to “firearms, energy, natural resources and COVID healthcare decisions.”; please lend Trudeau some stones Premier Smith!

What a class act! Huge respect for this lady! She shows gonads for all the men in the opposition and even her party! I tell you, when I was on the front line in the Canadian Trucker convoy and US Trucker convoy, each time I looked at the front lines, the protests, those in the cold marching, sacrificing, who did I see? I saw women first, in the front, being beaten too, and men sprinkled in the back. It was Canadian and US women on the frontline fighting to protect their babies from the fraud lethal COVID injection. Huge praise! Smith is one of those women, and I have great admiration for her! Trudeau should ask her to burrow some stones for he has none and she gots lots to lend! Even half a stone, something, for the eunuch in him is hobbling his decision-making and destroying Canada.


Long live Canada!!! Great nation and peoples! Hopefully she can be saved! Trudeau and Doug Ford and Jason Kenney did tremendous damage!