President Trump was dismissed as a buffoon yet he was not; he knew something was WRONG with COVID response & no early treatment & the fraud vaccine yet he trusted Fauci & Birx & Azar; they misled him

by Paul Alexander

The deepstate & Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, Azar, Bourla, Bancel, Hanh et al., they misled Trump & he trusted & believed! He wanted to do good for America & made grave mistakes trusting them

It is not too late POTUS Trump, stand up now urgently, stand against the lockdowns that killed so many and the fraud OWS COVID gene injection aka vaccine (mRNA-DNA) that has killed so many and will kill many more, thousands; it is time, the people will forgive you if you can admit the ravages and mistake of trusting these demons in your administration; you are not perfect, no one is, and you have to admit your mistake. It is ok and you can begin the healing and you can be instrumental in helping all those hurt by what Fauci et al. did to be recompensed, lives made as ‘whole’ as possible. Help vaccine injured people get recompense somehow, by you standing up, it will go a long way, help them so that they can go to court to reverse the liability protection that has hurt so many.

It starts with you Sir! I support DeSantis and think one day he will make a tremendous POTUS, but what you bring we need, we need it now, he does not have YET, but your supporters and even those on the left and independents were devastated by the lockdowns and vaccines and you must show that you understand that.

People will forgive and I urge you Sir, I still support you, I plead that you come forward now. Denounce the lockdowns and the COVID gene injections, now!