President Trump was greatly misled by Fauci, Birx, deep state, alphabet health agencies and many in his administration; while his remarks in support of lockdowns & COVID gene shots at this time remain

by Paul Alexander

very concerning, he remains the best person for the job. With all things considered, there is no one better positioned & currently capable of getting back into DC & tearing the place up, figuratively

I supported POTUS Trump because I knew of the great things he did and January February 2020, he was on pace to be the greatest POTUS the US ever had. Unstoppable and he did good, real good for all groups, for the US, especially his foreign policy accomplishments.

I make no excuse for him and I have been very hard on him as I too praised his accomplishments. His recent comments on the vaccine troubled me greatly as did many of you. I recognize there are aspects we do not know about yet we are going on what is in front of us and it is indeed devastating and he needs to step forward to mea culpa and express his empathy and failure urgently. He has to disown the lockdowns and fraud deadly gene injection.

Yet he was devastated by Fauci and the deep state with the lockdown lunacy and I want him to come forward urgently to disown the lockdowns and COVID fraud vaccine. I do not think there is anyone else on tap at present who is capable of righting the wrongs. He is needed, he needs to get back to Washington and tear up that place, and jail many, as many as he could, with a proper Justice Department and begin by shutting down 2 of the alphabet health agencies and firing 100 top down across the rest (CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID) and across all agencies, with complete removal of the Department of Education. Place the CDC and FDA on Alcatraz (re-open it for them) and 200 miles in northern Alaska, make work life for the deep state civil servants brutally painful, let them for once work for their salaries and get the right power to fire them on the spot. Legislation etc.