Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy Jr. checks a lot of good boxes, I find principled, a good man, not perfect, but I am not a democrat & I am for 2nd & against GREEN environment crap! LOVE his

by Paul Alexander

position on these mRNA technology based unsafe COVID gene injections! I do not know a lot about him! POTUS Trump CANNOT be blamed for lockdowns because he relied on the TASK FORCE that subverted him!

POTUS Trump also is not perfect but today, and I write in terms where I am considering what is on tap for America and today, IMO, there is no one more qualified (unless someone emerges) to lead America out of the Democrat Biden et al. disaster. RINO, deepstate, alphabet health agency disaster. The democrats are trying to destroy America. I knew and saw the tactics employed to subvert and damage POTUS Trump from the inside as to the pandemic response. He was not given the complete information on the benefits versus harms of the lockdowns, school closures, business closures, mask mandates and COVID gene injections. He trusted. He really trusted the scientists and doctors that reported to him whose job was to inform him accurately and to give him information especially about the safety of COVID measures and the COVID gene injection.

A key mistake he made was not firing Fauci and Birx on day one! He has to admit that and that is ok, we are all human and we all make mistakes and his played out in front of us! Devastating consequences no doubt but the person we supported (both sides) January 2020 and was on pace to get 380 electoral votes and 40-42 States remains and we have to help him get back there to finish what he started and to get the accountability across the board that we need. I think the Governor will make for a tremendous POTUS (as well as others who may rise) yet the landscape and play field must be cleaned for them first. I am afraid we have no time for a learning curve as to how DC works and the like and the type of strength and stones needed that can strip Washington and the system down to the studs and rebuild, is Trump. There is no one more capable who brings what is needed and importantly, this is someone who loves America, its flag, its constitution, its anthem, its people. This is my opinion. As always, you can have yours and disagree and that is the magic about it.

I will write more shortly.

POTUS Trump must now stand up against the lockdowns and entire lockdown lunacy however, given all we know as to the harms of the lockdowns and the fraud mRNA technology deadly gene injections. He must! This is an imperative.