Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, what a moron, what a stupid inept idiot, to call those of us who did not want the COVID gene injection racist, extremist, misogynist etc. Who is laughing now Trudeau?

by Paul Alexander

You dimwit dolt, your own PHAC health officials said they did not recommend that travelers needed vaccine, to move inside Canada or cross into Canada, land or sea; it was YOU! YOUR mandate!

They at PHAC said there was no evidence to support that mandate policy yet it was you Trudeau, who caused suffering of Canadians. It was your personal policy, you drama teacher you. Do you know how many thousands if not millions of Canadians are currently vaccine injured with harms and deaths COMING, in time? Yes, many Canadians will die of these injections in time. Due to you! I asked them before and will again, to take their dead babies and children to your residence and place them at the gates and ask the police there to call you out to tell them what to do next. That’s all, call you out. Peacefully with your dead children. Since your forced people to take the fraud shot, forced parents, with your idiocy, talking a whole load of unscientific garbage. You and your corrupted health officials Njoo and Tam, it was you all. So parents must go to you with their dead children for they will have deaths due to the shots, and ask you what to do next. Say “Mr. Prime Minister, my child is dead, I followed your coercion and mandate and vaccinated my child. What do I do now”? Adults have been severely harmed and have died due to these harmful injections and one can expect, so will our children.

I supported this Prime Minister and even voted for him prior. I even praised him in the past despite what others said. I admired him, I truly did. I still say he is likely a great dad, brother, husband etc. I do not know him but likely a good human being. It is his politics that are abhorrent. Devastating to the Canadian people, him and his liberal leftist radical policies. His distaste for anyone who thinks differently than he. His COVID lockdown lunacy that is and was based on no science! With what he did to Canada in COVID response and the Convoy Truckers, it is reprehensible. I want this clueless PM Trudeau to show us the data, the science, the evidence he has seen to warrant any of his prior COVID polices including the vaccine mandate. Show us. We know you have nothing. Yet here is your chance, show us! You single handedly caused the smashing of Canadian society, crushed it, you and Singh of NDP and the fraudster himself, Doug Ford with his 17% election win MANDATE. What a joke. People just did not vote, they were so distraught by the corrupted options.

I write so hard now to you for you, at your hands, many Canadians have suffered and died due to your lunacy with the COVID lockdowns and this fraud gene injection that you have no clue about, you drama teacher you! Your policies killed Canadians and we must put you in proper legal inquiry to hold you to account. Proper public inquiry. And hold you to account legally if it is shown you indeed costed lives as we look around and know you did!

Our military, our precious police, our border agents at all our borders, injured, some already harmed. Many WILL die as time passes, it is booked. We are seeing it now. Due to your nonsensical specious COVID policies. Lockdown lunacy and vaccine corruption, with no science to support any of it!