Prof Kristian Andersen & Neuman calls Dr Alex Washburne & Balloux endonuclease COVID virus lab origin research rubbish; so I say, challenge him, put something up if you think it is garbage and crap!

by Paul Alexander

or STFU; Professor Kristian Andersen, a virologist at research facility Scripps Research in California, said the study is 'so deeply flawed that it wouldn't pass kindergarten molecular biology'.

In primary school, us boys in form one, first weeks, would spend time in the back of the College showing each other our willies and boasting about our fathers being the strongest and best in the world. “My father is stronger than yours”. Why the former I don’t know but it was the custom and you had to show. So here I say to Professor Kristian Andersen, no, I under no condition want to see your willie or show you mines, but do show us your COVID origin evidence, show us your data to prove it was NOT lab originated? Come on man, put up or STFU!

Of Andersen: “However, Professor Kristian Andersen, a virologist at research facility Scripps Research in California, said the study is 'so deeply flawed that it wouldn't pass kindergarten molecular biology'. He said: 'The study is a clear example of motivated reasoning with a heavy dose of technobabble to make it sound legitimate — but it's nothing more than poppycock dressed up as science.” 

I say o.k., now show us what you got Kristian or STFU! Don’t come talking all that smack with nothing to offer. Back that sugar up with something or just slinker away, which is what you and folk like you should do.



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