Props to NBA player Jonathan Isaac as he bucks the woke madnessby starting clothing line pushing Christian & conservative values! What? A black NBA player? Man go buy this guys clothing line, reward

by Paul Alexander

him, this guy gots the gonads the republicans lack and the democrats and the crooks in govn who let this filth go unanswered. para "I ain't undermining christian and conservative values"


‘NBA player Jonathan Isaac announced that he is starting up his own anti-woke sports and apparel brand that will work toward bolstering Christian and conservative values.

Isaac said in a video posted on Twitter, "You have companies that are in that field who have made a conscious decision to either attack or undermine Christian values, conservative values, and things like that. And I think they have the free choice to do so, as much as I disagree, but I feel that we also have the freedom to create what we want to create."''