“Psaki Says It's 'Crazy' for DeSantis to Push Monoclonal Antibody Treatments For Omicron”; that is their problem, they cannot even keep track of their lies or deceit, they trip up over and over

by Paul Alexander

My friend Dough and I exchanged and he gave me this...I find telling so I am sharing, he does not want his real name out there...

Shouldn’t the same logic they used to revoke the EUA for monoclonal antibodies (ex Sotrovimab) hold for the vaccines as well – they don’t work for Omicron.  Therefore it should be more “crazy” to use the vaccines against Omicron.  Not only do they not work against Omicron, they may do the opposite.  At least with the wrong monoclonal antibodies, the only person it might hurt is the person they are used on.  A bad vaccine, with negative efficacy that makes more people get sick, hurts others as well.  This also tells you this administration is not smart, and they don’t think things through.  When they make this argument about the monoclonals, they really expose themselves on the vaccines.  But they can’t think more than one step ahead….Sadly the side effects of the vaccines are much worse over the short term, and over the long term not even understood.