"Puberty blockers foisted upon minors proven to have devastating, irreversible effects"; scientific study revealed that real & irreversible disabilities are in fact caused by those puberty-blocking..

by Paul Alexander

...hormone injections introduced to minors under the guise of remedies; puberty blockers create sexless adults, depleting victims' bone density; hampering their cognitive development, castrating males



‘In the early days, cross-sex hormones were not introduced until a victim was between the ages of 16 and 18, and genital mutilation was not performed until the victim was 18. However, Peggy Cohen-Kettenis advocated for patients to begin undergoing so-called treatment prior to adulthood.

According to Biggs, boys were given anti-androgen and cyproterone acetate, which prevented erections and caused breasts to grow. Girls, conversely, were given progestin to stop menstruation and then testosterone, before being subjected to mastectomies, hysterectomies, and oophorectomies.