Publication bias: if you did not think it is real, this SCIENCE piece should clear it up; it is real & perverse & reared it's head big time in COVID; most if not all publications were corrupt & false

by Paul Alexander

Brainard: 'Reviewers award higher marks when a paper’s author is famous “Matthew effect” is powerful, unusually large study finds'; Mario Malicki; issue is evidence based medicine (EBM) is dead

EBM is dead, medical research is dead, journal publishing is dead, DOA, COVID killed it…it committed suicide over COVID.

All of it died due to COVID and what they tried to pull off.


‘The study, which involved recruiting hundreds of researchers to review an eco-nomics manuscript, is “incredible,” says Mario Malicˇki, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University and editor-in-chief of Research Integrity and Peer Review, who was not involved in the re-search. “It is the largest ran-domized controlled trial we have seen on publication bias.”