Pulliam et al. raises serious questions about re-infection with omicron breaching all prior forms of immunity e.g. natural and vaccinated; we are studying this; GOOD news it is a very MILD/very brief

by Paul Alexander

See Povidone Iodine bottle to look for in the pharma...in most cases responsive to povidone iodine nasal washes; OMICRON is a gift to us, it is behaving as a natural booster; no need for a booster!!!!


This pre-print publication supports the clinical observations by McCullough et al. that this OMICRON variant is breaching all prior forms of immunity e.g. both natural and vaccinated.  This goes against what we know from prior variant behavior (no re-infections) and we are studying this publication and seeking validation. Particularly as to the PCR testing and the cycle count threshold (Ct) to establish how solid the diagnosis was. Often positive results are false positive given the high sensitivity of PCR and the over cycling (Ct) of the test. However, the methods in the paper appear rigorous and we are thankful higher level methods are being employed now in COVID research.

The good fantastic news is that from what we know, it is a very MILD and BRIEF syndrome in most cases (with omicron infection) that is very responsive to povidone iodine nasal and oral washes as well as hydrogen peroxide (all diluted of course and no swallowing) and supplements.  McCullough informs me that the pulmonary involvement is rare and mild for elderly also and when it occurs it is easily treated with antivirals and corticosteroids HCQ/IVM/Prednisone/Budesonide.  The expectation is that the risk of hospitalization and death will be very low.

Specifically, 2,796,982 individuals with laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 who had a positive test result at least 90 days prior to 27 November 2021. Individuals having sequential positive tests at least 90 days apart were considered to have suspected reinfections. 35,670 suspected reinfections were identified among 2,796,982 individuals with laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 who had a positive test result at least 90 days prior to 27 November 2021 (approximately 1.3%). They concluded “Population-level evidence suggests that the Omicron variant is associated with substantial ability to evade immunity from prior infection. In contrast, there is no population-wide epidemiological evidence of immune escape associated with the Beta or Delta variants.”

This ratified what we have argued all along of no evidence of re-infections and they stated this but now we ourselves are open to the potential and aware that omicron may operate differently and we are studying why. The key however is that this is mild, less than cold-like, and very brief and non-lethal, non-consequential.

McCullough to me:

“It is now clear OMICRON can infect the previously natural immune.  Prior natural immunity was good against the legacy variants but now OMICRON has broken through--very mild syndrome and no treatment is needed.  Its probably less symptoms than taking a VAX or BOOSTER.”