Pyrrhic victory? Michael Savage on Overturning Roe: ‘Right Decision, Wrong Time’ — GOP May Have ‘Destroyed’ Itself, & RINOs have done this, they do NOT want majority role, loves a minority role always

by Paul Alexander

America is a disaster under Biden but “Even if they care about all other issues, women are not the way they were 40 years ago, ”They don’t want their bodies legislated by republicans & evangelicals"

A very interesting side by Savage on this and I would argue now is the right time. But it is indeed possible what Savage is thinking. He is asking, who put this on the SCOTUS docket now, why could it not wait to after midterms? He is saying republicans and conservatives may have been sabotaged here and they do not understand, YET. He is saying the RINOs did this deliberately.

What say you?

Savage is basically saying this is a ‘Pyrrhic’ victory in that to get this victory, you end up losing everything and lose what is more important in the end. Maybe a kind of hari kari…falling on your own sword????

A ‘Pyrrhic’ victory is a victory that inflicts a catastrophe, a devastation of a toll on the victor and in a sense hands the victor what is tantamount to defeat. Such a victory negates any true sense of achievement or damages long-term progress.

I am not sure but Savage may be onto something here and we cannot discount it, keeping one eye on it. I agree they do not want people legislating their decisions and no evangelical etc. I agree. No person in a ‘robe’. I agree. No government person. They want their freedom to chose. All this is right.

To me, the issue is that the democrats and leftists and the like pigeon hole women and think they think with their uteruses and vaginas. ONLY. I think this was always insane. Never, I can say that the women around me, are very educated, at times more in tune and adept than men, smarter even than men, empathetic, strong, sophisticated and they do not think with their womb, they think economy, crime, education for their children, safety, COVID, borders, culture, their kids, unsafe COVID injections, how much harms the lockdowns did to their kids emotionally and socially and education wise, cost of gas, cost of living etc. How to protect their families etc.

One can argue that many women would not even care about the SCOTUS and Roe. They really are concerned today that their families cannot afford to go the grocery store and get food for their kids, pay for the gasoline for their families vehicles, and the fact their kids are getting baseline deranged education in public schools.

Savage digs deeper saying: “I’m talking about that sliver of the center, the independent voters — mainly educated women,” he said. “They’re going to say, ‘Wait a minute now, it’s the Republicans again messing with my body.”

I see what he is saying but again, he is not giving women credit.

He stated: “Even if they care about all the other issues, women are not the way they were 40 years ago,” he added. “They don’t want their bodies legislated by, let us say, Evangelicals or Republicans.”

IMO, this is the exact right time including the second amendment NY determination.