RAINBOW Fentanyl, I warn parents again, these people are targeting children, this fentanyl will kill your child, talk to them TONIGHT if they see these skittle colored pills or looks like CHALK

by Paul Alexander

Fentanyl is coming from Wuhan China, same birthplace of COVID virus, sent into South America where it is assembled into the pills (where other medications are laced with Fentanyl), and into US; DEATH!

Sit your kids down as school has started and talk to them. Tonight.

Tell them under no condition are they to touch this. None! It will kill them near immediate!

It looks like chalk and children may mistakenly pick it up, will kill them if they touch. It looks like skittles and candy, this will kill them quickly. Looks like candy, it is NOT!

I do not know why the Biden administration has been silent and have done nothing to stop this.

‘Many illegal drugs these days are intentionally being mixed with fentanyl because fentanyl is low cost, and increases the potency of other drugs. As fentanyl most often comes in powder form, it can be undetectable when mixed with cocaine or heroin. Increasingly, fentanyl—sometimes at lethal doses—is being pressed into pills made to look like legitimate prescription pills, presenting a potentially fatal mistake when consumed.’