Rape: 'this' stops a rape every time; women, ensure you have one with you; Biden administration does not care breaching the borders, the wolf is agitating, COVID is done so he is coming out to play

by Paul Alexander

Yes, read the media, the wolf is not scared of COVID anymore in Europe and elsewhere, so he is emerging once again, Obama brought in many wolves, Biden is now doing it; Paul Ryan ensured it for Obama

You know who the wolf is, do not let them mess with your mind. Biden et al. now flooding us with new wolves, but same objective. Look closely. These wolves even at 25 claim they are 10 years old so sit next to your daughters in elementary school and high school. There will be a new type of crime that will shock you and these officials, these people doing this to us now will say “we did not know, oh how terrible”. I say they DO know, they do not care. Martha’s Vineyard people showed you they did not want the wolf among them, the male wolves, they know what the wolf will do to their girls. In time. I actually agreed with them, showed their hypocrisy and the like but they are smart. “No wolf staying here”. Many good people in the pack of wolves but we cannot chance it. Sorry. Is what Martha folk said. Obama knows what the wolf will do his daughters. His grand daughters, so not in Martha. He is and was right. His silence said ‘no wolf here”. He was actually protecting his girls.

That is how every single city and location must respond for the wolf will act. Keep them out.

Rapes and the like went down globally where the wolf breached, but now those crimes and murders will increase again as the wolf is emerging as he is now emboldened, as COVID is done. So you get prepared properly.

Paul Ryan did everything he could as speaker, the RINO he is, to defeat Trump’s every move. People like him. Trump’s first 2 years could have gone down as the greatest in terms of beneficial for the US had people like Ryan not conspired against him. Yet in some sense Trump still prevailed and I at times do not know how he did it, with people like McConnell and Ryan damaging his every move. These RINOs are more devastating than democrats. They have different pay masters.

Women, protect yourselves. Protect your girls!