Re-post: The Medical Profession must tell women the truth about the COVID vaccine, especially pregnant women and women intending to have children; the risks are very high for harmful outcomes

by Paul Alexander

Stop lying to pregnant women & women intending to have kids, tell them truth about fraud dangerous COVID injection. Importantly, a mother injected is same as a child in utero injected; INNATE damage

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Medical Profession urged to tell Women the truth about Dangers of Covid Vaccination during Pregnancy (RHODA WILSON); The EXPOSE
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The fear is that when you vaccinate a pregnant woman with the dangerous mRNA COVID platform, it is the same as injecting the baby in utero and the baby gets the mothers vaccine induced antigen-specific antibodies. These vaccinal antibodies are highly specific for the spike epitope binding sites and will sideline and subvert the innate antibodies in the growing child. The innate antibodies will not be able to bind to virus/antigen (and as such will not be able to educate and train the innate immune system on handling pathogen it confronts now, pathogen it will confront in the future, and also on how to differentiate ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ and as such will be vulnerable to auto-immune disease) and thus will be outcompeted by the vaccinal antibodies. This will prevent the innate antibodies from being able to properly train the innate immune system in children in a critical window of training when maternal antibodies wane (4-6 months post birth). The child can be at risk to a host of other pathogen (glycosylated e.g. measles, ,mumps, RSV, rubella etc.) as well as to auto-immune disease. A very dangerous situation for the child. Healthy children must not, under no condition, get these COVID injections yet if you as parents decide to, then only inject them after they have had their full series of MMR etc. and built immunity (via live attenuated replication competent vaccines). Healthy children have statistical zero risk of severe outcome or death from COVID infection, and it has remained so for 3 years. You have been lied to.