Remarkable suicide and vitamin D study findings (Lavigne): The association between vitamin D serum levels, supplementation, and suicide attempts and intentional self-harm; retrospective cohort study

by Paul Alexander

of US Vets supplemented with Vitamin D. Supplemented black veterans were at ~64% lower risk relative to controls; supplementation associated with a 45% & 48% lower risk of suicide attempt & self harm

That vitamin D can have such a profound effect among veterans in reducing suicide is remarkable, the size of the reduced risk. Vitamin D3 seems very profound. Stunning and while not a clinical trial (correlation does not mean causation), these results are very profound. Do not slight these findings. There is biological plausibility, a biological mechanism. So even stronger. Temporal relationship exists too and we can infer tacit causation here.

‘Vitamin D3 and D2 supplementation were associated with a 45% and 48% lower risk of suicide attempt and self-harm ((D2 Hazard Ratio (HR) = 0.512, [95% CI, 0.457, 0.574]; D3 HR = 0.552, [95% CI, 0.511, 0.597])).

Supplemented black veterans and veterans with 0-19 ng/ml vitamin D serum levels were at ~64% lower risk relative to controls (Black Veteran HR: 0.362 [95% CI: 0.298,0.440]; 0-19 ng/ml HR: 0.359 [95% CI: 0.215,0.598]).

Supplementation with higher vitamin D dosages was associated with greater risk reductions than lower dosages (Log Average Dosage HR: 0.837 [95% CI: 0.779,0.900]).’