Remdesivir is killing people & CDC & NIH & FDA & Fauci et al. DO NOT care; examines Massachusetts & sudden kidney failure, known to doctors as acute renal failure (ARF) is a major health emergency now

by Paul Alexander

a great piece on the risk of remdesivir and I highlight it here, please share; to see how great this travesty is require separating the Renal failure category N17-N19 into its ICD-10 codes, e.g. N17.9

Where do you think the surges in deaths came from 2020 onwards and principally in 2020 when the medical system and doctors went insane with remdesivir as the standard of care?

You can literally see the surge in 2020 of deaths due to the aggressive use of remdesivir. You can also see less but still the force on mortality of using liver and kidney toxic remdesivir.

Coquin de Chien does a tremendous job relaying the surge in deaths (all-cause deaths) in Massachusetts 2020, 2021, and 2022.


“CDC aggregates data into groups that often cause a Simpson’s Paradox, which obscures safety signals related to causes of death. For example, some researchers have shown “Renal failure” using codes “N17” through “N19.” Here are the individual codes in that range:

  • N17.0 Acute renal failure with tubular necrosis

  • N17.1 Acute renal failure with acute cortical necrosis

  • N17.2 Acute renal failure with medullary necrosis

  • N17.8 Other acute renal failure

  • N17.9 Acute renal failure, unspecified

  • N18.1 Chronic kidney disease, stage 1

  • N18.2 Chronic kidney disease, stage 2

  • N18.3 Chronic kidney disease, stage 3

  • N18.4 Chronic kidney disease, stage 4

  • N18.5 Chronic kidney disease, stage 5

  • N18.9 Chronic kidney disease, unspecified

  • N19 Unspecified kidney failure

‘Notice that “Acute” and “Chronic” kidney failure are lumped into that N17 to N19 range that the CDC offers. Even if someone died from a heart attack, and also had “N18.2” “Chronic kidney disease, stage 2” the death certificate will list N18.2 as one of the causes of death.”

Sudden kidney failure, known to doctors as acute renal failure (ARF) is a major health emergency in Massachusetts right now at this moment and likely in other US states, too. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MA DPH) may not even know about the excess 1,500 deaths that have occurred in the past 18 months.

“Excess” deaths means more than expected, or more than normal. This article will visually show the drastic increase in ARF deaths in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

The only way to see how great this travesty is requires separating the Renal failure category N17-N19 into its component individual ICD-10 codes, specifically N17.9 “Acute renal failure, unspecified.”

Coquin de Chien

The following graphs are of the time period January 1 through August 15 of each year. This is the easiest way to obtain a fair comparison that includes 2022. The seasonality in Massachusetts is strong, thus the time periods must align to be fair.

The All-Cause deaths graph depicts a severe 2020, then diminished 2021 and 2022, but not quite back to “normal,” which is 2015 through 2019.

The COVID-19 graph also shows 2020 to be severe, followed by diminished years 2021 and 2022.

Chronic kidney disease also shows a severe 2020, followed by diminished 2021 and 2022. This is why an aggregated N17-N19 group hides what is next.

If a drug were to cause sudden kidney failure, it would be listed under N17.9 “Acute renal failure,” not Chronic kidney failure, unless the person already had the condition before receiving the drug. Look at the N17.9 graph below and be shocked.

Below is what a health emergency looks like.

Does this look normal to you? The trend between ARF and Chronic kidney failure is inverted.

If they were to be combined, Chronic kidney failure cancels much of the severity of Acute renal failure. Of course, someone would find a signal in an aggregate CDC, but it would be diminished and not nearly as stark. Also, without separating them, excess deaths would greatly diminish the excess number shown. id est, it would not be representative of reality.

I don’t know what else to write here. I cannot stress enough how much of an emergency this is. Everyone reading this article should write a letter to the governor, public health commissioner, state attorney general, and your local FBI office to report mass murder that demands criminal investigation. I wrote “criminal” investigation because there is no doubt what is happening here and it is murder. The health industry will not investigate itself. There are doctors and nurses knowingly involved in the acts of hooking people up with “medicine” they know has a high kill rate.

In order to prove murder in the second degree in Massachusetts, the prosecution must prove that there was an 1) unlawful killing (one person kills another without excuse) and done with 2) malice, where “malice” in this context can be established by one of three “prongs.” The third prong is “(3) the defendant committed an intentional act which, in the circumstances known to the defendant, a reasonable person would have understood created a plain and strong likelihood of death. See Commonwealth v. Grey, 399 Mass. 469, 470 n.1 (1987)

The graph blow shows age groups for N17.9 “Acute renal failure.” The year 2022 in these graphs is only 7.5 months, while other years are the full 12 months. Notice age group 25-44, which already has more in 2022 than any other year and is expect to be 70 by the end of 2022. These are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who were cut down in the prime of life. The loss of these people affect multiple family members for the rest of their lives.

Here is the last graph that shows how bad 2022 and 2021 were compared to the rest of the years. Notice that the slope of 2020 is the same as the red years after the month of May. Put another way, the numbers of deaths per day is the same in 2020 as in the red years after the first wave that ended in May. 2022 and 2022 have greater slopes and continually have more deaths per day every day for the whole year except for that 10-week period in 2020 during the first wave. This is nuts. So obvious. If we have a Department of Public Health, what are they there for? Handing out masks? Advertising ineffective and unsafe “vaccines” because pharma can’t advertise experimental products on their own?


They are killing people. And they don’t care. If you care, please do something. Demand investigation and prosecution. Remdesivir is on EUA. They think they are immune. But that immunity does not stand up because of the willful misconduct exception in the PREP Act; and because there is no immunity for murder. This is nothing less than murder. It is not manslaughter. They know. Scienter is apparent.’

Coquin de Chien

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