Remdesivir trial, April 2020 publication, NIH, NIAID, & Fauci; this is the trial that Fauci used to get EUA & they engaged in methodological malfeasance changing primary end-point; see their reason...

by Paul Alexander

See protocol changes I found, so they could declare benefit; this is research malfeasance! NIH, NIAID, FAUCI et al. defrauded the American people with this failed toxic remdesivir...

They declared benefit for the whole study and you thought the drug was efficacious (ideal trial setting) and this would be effective (real world setting)…little did you know they did this only so that they could say ‘see here, its efficacious’ and then get the EUA….these are real demons at NIH and NIAID and Fauci and what did we learn? well, it is actually not only ineffective, it is very toxic on the kidney and liver.

See change here to the protocol and it is because they were getting no benefit in mortality etc., the patient important outcomes. They also had the Wang et al. LANCET study out that morning showing remdesivir failed and was very very harmful. They also had the failed Ebola trial with massive harms, deaths due to remdesivir. So they changed the secondary outcome to the primary outcome, time to clinical recovery…no longer patient important outcomes such as death or hospitalization etc.



See their reason like if we are a bunch of morons:

“While still blinded to treatment assignment, NIAID statisticians performed modeling of what happens if the right day is not picked for assessment, which revealed that meaningful treatment effects could be missed with that primary endpoint. Time to recovery avoids this issue, and the change in primary endpoint seemed appropriate given the evolving clinical data. This change in primary endpoint was made without any knowledge of data from ACTT, before any interim data was available.”