REMDESIVOR for babies as young as 28 days old and as small as 7 lbs; this in my words is MURDER, this is CRIMINAL, FDA's approval of this Gilead drug is dangerous as will KILL children; it kills!

by Paul Alexander

I warn again, this remdesivir kills 'now' for adults, it is liver & kidney toxic, multiple organ disaster, like VENTILATORS - it kills, it is a failed EBOLA drug, kids are statistical zero risk

DO NOT allow this drug to be used on your child, read about it, this by the FDA was a dangerous and criminal move IMO, and this is another action that must be investigated for the data and science does not support this, I covered the data in an earlier stack…how the FDA can approve this is insane…it failed, the NIH study was botched and Fauci et al. mocked around with the outcomes to get EUA, it failed on EBOLA…it was a drug seeking a disease, and they found it in COVID…Wang et al. published the same morning in LANCET and showed it fails, and is harmful but the media and Fauci et. al pretends Wang’s LANCET paper does not exist. There is no data to show this drug reduces mortality etc. There is data and hard patient evidence that it is liver and kidney toxic and kills.

DO NOT use this drug!

This is like the abortion issue, both sides use it for votes, lets stop here with this deadly drug, stop posturing, lets get the politics out of COVID, lets have an urgent serious debate, not about votes, about what is the actual science and what is right…what is beneficial to the society.