Remember, POVIDONE-IODINE/betadine (brown liquid used in hospitals to clean wounds), nasal/oral wash, the virus hangs out in the nose a while, need to wash it out, half teaspoon in 1.5 ounces water

by Paul Alexander

ENT doctors use it topically, so 1.5 ounces of water and spray it up the nose, swish it and spit out, twice a day? kills virus dead; doctors use in acute treatment each 4 hours; hydrogen peroxide also

These COVID vaccines were never ever needed! Never. They now show us they are both ineffective and harmful.

Just a reminder as this prophylaxis cuts microbe risk in the nose/nasal and mouth/oral dramatically and not just for this virus. In fact, had we known this worked so effectively, it would have been used as part of our early treatment model and we have now included it in the algorithms. Put this way, if used, would even prevent the need for early treatment. See where we have now placed it high up in the algorithm below self-quarantine (this was not in the algorithm prior):

Just a reminder of the framework of our early treatment approach:

The basic groups of prescription medicines and other therapies used in COVID-19:

▪ Combination anti-viral medicines started as soon as symptoms occur

▪ Medicines to decrease inflammation, such as corticosteroids (called immunomodulators)

▪ Anticoagulant therapy to prevent blood-clots that can cause strokes, heart attacks, kidney shut-down, and death.

▪ Non-prescription supportive treatments with zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, electrolyte drinks such as Pedialyte, and others.

▪ Home-based oxygen support, such as with an oxygen concentrator. They might be covered by medical insurance plans if prescribed by a physician.

Back to povidone:

So half a teaspoon of povidone (betadine) in 1.5 ounces of water.

You dilute to the level you can handle as it is a bit bitter.

So povidone-iodine and when it cant be used as some say bitter, use hydrogen peroxide, and use SCOPE or Listerine to get out after taste…no swallow, swish and spit…will dramatically reduce risk of hospitalization and death, not only for this virus.


Dentists and ENT physicians say they have been using this all long for when dealing with infections in the mouth e.g. CMV, EBV, chronic sinusitis etc.

When you start to feel sick, you zap it with povidone-iodine…so if you go out and think you are exposed etc., or anytime you go out, use it as a preventive, twice a day.

Saline etc. also works…but a little bit of iodine kills the virus well. But really anything reasonable works and this is more a common sense approach. This virus hangs out in the nasal passage a bit so we tackle it there. Note, those who cannot tolerate iodine etc. would use alternative like hydrogen peroxide etc.

Some even use very very dilute sodium hypochlorite in many parts water and no swallow etc. But I will not put that here as I know the nut balls out there who will say I advocated that. Even if it works when used as described and properly and non-threatening. You do know we live in insane times with insane nutty corrupted ‘fact checkers'‘. Sometimes I enjoy provoking them.

See the evidence to review: