Remember when the left & media & RINOs & Fauci & Birx & Francis Collins & academia & corrupted alphabets clutched their pearls & fish nets & got the vapors when Trump moved governors to OPEN-UP?

by Paul Alexander

VANITY FAIR (ALISON DURKEE): "Trump Goes Full Authoritarian In Push to Reopen the U.S. ASAP"

They said he was authoritarian. Imagine that, when a republican POTUS acts it is authoritarian, a loss of freedom, but when a democrat POTUS moves to take freedoms with illegal mandates, it is not authoritarian.


since the coronavirus pandemic exploded in the U.S., President Donald Trump has largely put the onus on the states to deal with their own outbreaks, rather than coordinate a strong federal response. “As you know I want the governors to be running things,” Trump said, controversially leaving it up to individual states to set their own stay-at-home orders and largely procure their own life-saving medical equipment. On Monday, governors in multiple U.S. regions announced their intention to take the lead when it comes to reopening their states as well, announcing new coalitions among Northeastern states and West Coast states to coordinate regional approaches when the pandemic begins to subside. But in an abrupt about-face from his previous state-based perspective, the president is now insisting that when it comes to getting things back to normal—he has to be the one in charge.’