Remember when the Surgeon General Murthy, the corrupted man he is, came out and said this?: "Surgeon General Vivek Murthy: 99.5% of virus deaths are unvaccinated people": why would he lie like this?

by Paul Alexander

When he said this he knew he was lying, defrauding the American people, he knew he conspired with Walensky at CDC to REDEFINE what being 'vaccinated' was, moving it to 15th day post shot

I am so proud and inspired by brown and black people who excel for rightly so. Well capable and superb. Yet, it is that he failed his own peoples by lying here and being discredited this way. Straight faced. Not once did I ever hear him use the podium he has to help people, black or brown, on anything during COVID. He is a sell out.

This so called doctor, the Surgeon General of all people, knew he was a liar and fraudster for he knew they redefined ‘vaccinated’ to mean one had to be past 14 days post shot, so that they can then count the infections, cases, hospitalizations, deaths as ‘unvaccinated’ so if you were 5 days post shot and died, you were ‘unvaccinated’…

this guy should be ashamed for in spite of the redefining, you just needed to look around you to see the people harmed and dropping like flies post COVID vaccine. He is one to be investigated too and jailed if shown his deliberate lies caused deaths. He knew better than that, he knew he was lying. But did it still. I wonder how much they paid him off for there had to be a greater lure for his statements caused deaths due to the vaccine.