Republicans will lose the HOUSE, congress, as incredible as what I just wrote is, sit back, watch the steal IN YOUR FACE; democrats & RINOs & deepstate 'conditioned you', you will accept, ALREADY did

by Paul Alexander

The STEAL is unfolding before your eyes and the fake pusillanimous REPUBLICANS not can't do anything, but WON'T do anything, deals already made, thought they would investigate each other?

You already accept the loss, you just do not know it yet. Your primitive brain already processed it. The delay in counting is to get the bags of votes to get ‘over the top’. Had the democrats been leading etc. in those house races, would be called 4 days ago. This is all to orchestrate the steal. It is perverse and outrageous how these rotten people operate.

IMO, McConnell and McCarthy must not be allowed near any house or senate leadership, as are IMO, two corruptible smooth talking crooks. If republicans can hold on and get the win, McCarthy must not be speaker. He is part of the problem.

I find incredible that not one republican hired lawyer is out there. Not one, to stop this. I wrote this November 12th 2022 and the republicans were up and leaning republican and competitive by over 40 seats and had a way impenetrable majority but as we see, day by day, they are losing. Victory is being slowly removed and we stand by, in awe!

Where is the republican statesman or woman taking leadership of this like how James Baker III did for Bush in the Florida recount etc.? This needs proper leadership seeking the best outcomes for the republican side but we see nothing. Why? Is it really a uni-party?

Sit back, the clarity of the steal will come into focus soon. When the media (CNN and FOX) gets word by those orchestrating this, and decides that you can take it as a nation. Not yet, they have studied this and know the right time, even down to the right hour, to let it be known. Not yet. You are not there yet and they are conscious of that.

They have put a dagger in your heart and now turning it to hurt you bad, real bad. This is not only about winning to the leftist radical democrats, no, this is depravity too, hatred of all and anyone not like them. Hatred of anyone connected to Trump or who voted republican. Pure hate. Just look at what they did the last 2 years post Trump and all the 4 years of Trump.

Thing is, republicans know they already lost the house and arranged things ‘behind the scenes’ as to the timing of the counts, when CNN and FOX will reveal what they already set up.

This is a death fight we have to understand and IMO, it is better that republicans lose the congressional house now for they will do nothing in the congress except bitch that the senate or WH won’t pass anything and they are being blocked and they will look ineffective (as they usually are), and get blamed for all the wrongs like high gas etc. by the media. Media has already started writing that way. IMO, let the nation circle the drain some more (control the DEMOCRAT damage if we can) and in the next 2 years, we begin now to take this nation back, all three branches/levels. If they republicans pull off house win now with 2-3 seats excess, that’s a disaster for the senate and WH will let nothing pass. NOTHING. So worthless. Pulling navel flint. Better to wait, what say you? Got to play long and play the long game. Biden will blame repubs each day for all the failures he caused and did and the nation’s voter will believe him.

She, the greatest most majestic of all ships, the luxury liner ‘The United States of America’ that has sailed the high seas with flags flowing and holding front, is struggling and taking on water. Yet she is still up front but listing and taking on water and the question is, do we abandon ship? I say no, never. Do we call out a SOS? I say no, no SOS, we can do this. She is too fine a liner and the greatest that will ever be built or sail the high seas, EVER, so we bail water now and plug holes and we bail fast and we keep bailing and we try to take the wheel. This be the ship of all ships that we save for she will again sail the seas with all her might and luster, but we have to ‘right’ her now and stand with her and do not abandon ship!

We can get it all in 2 years, but it will be real hard work and immense pounding away at the cracks and crevices. Relentless, we do not let the beasts breathe! We give them no quarter, no room to move. We do them what they have done for decades. We must be able to stand firm and count on each other here.

Now, we are just bystanders in their games of musical chairs. All the republicans and democrats do is re-arrange bandits come each election. They are actually high-crime bandits that operate in our face for they can, in congress.

Wager me I say, for if you say they will win, then you are saying they will investigate and get accountability for all the crimes re COVID. They, republicans have no intent on doing that. Their response to the mid-terms vote should tell you their agenda.

Eunuchs, deballed, pink poissy hat pusillanimous republicans. ‘Country-club’ people. They never did care about the sanctity of your vote! Ever. Just their money and how to accumulate more and power. You and I are just the means to power and money.

No doubt when they read this stack they will clutch their pearls, gather their fishnets, and get the vapors and say “Dr. Alexander said what? We thought he was our homie and down with us”?

I am down with law and order and right and wrong and honor and honesty. Border and country and flag and military and police. They are none of that. Save Ron Johnson types, few and far apart. Most are dishonest users and money whores.

And you also must leave open the fact that with the worst economy, highest crime, highest gas price, highest inflation, highest interest rates, highest cost of live, open porous borders with illegals, rapists, Wuhan Fentanyl pouring in, with record disapproval of Biden, yet, YET, the nation, republicans and democrats and independents MAY have, just MAY have, actually repudiated the republicans due to the devastations of the Trump (Fauci and Birx) lockdowns and vaccines that they blame them fully for. They should! The democrats will keep the lockdowns and pandemic and vaccines going as much as they fail, to keep that link to the republicans fresh. Until Trump disavows the lockdowns and COVID vaccines as he has failed to do and is badly needed, republicans in my mind, will never win power again!

And if you say ‘Dr. Alexander, that’s a whole load of bull sh*t’, I would respond “it is playing out now, look around, look at it, look at the mid-terms, playing out right in front of you, it ain’t only about stolen votes, its about the fear of loss of freedoms (the looming threat) that were taken from us under Trump and maintained under Biden’. The voter is angry and acting on that anger each time at the polls. See the last POTUS election and now this mid-term. Part of this was hatred and punishment for what was done to life, liberty, and freedoms in the pandemic response.

I am not a monied person, but I will wager a $20 to who is brave. I need 20$…wager me, I say republicans will lose congress counts IN YOUR FACE steal. Take me on!

Even unglued dentures coo coo clock Pelosi knows the steal is on and she just needs keep quiet as she is. This is all a game, preset, and I hate to say, republicans like Mitch and Kevin are in on the game. You just do not know the level of game being played.

The republic can be saved but I say it with pain, Trump’s presidency hurt us, the movement. He either came too early and prevented the complete demise of the democrats and media (I argued this prior and folk could not understand, he came too early, right person, wrong time), or his ego was failingly too big and easily exploited, at the right place and time and they ‘wanted’ and ‘needed’ him and ‘used’ him. Only he, only he would have allowed those lockdowns the way they were (allowed Fauci and Birx to lie to him and he handed the wheel of response to them that devastated us societally and soon the lockdowns and vaccine deaths will all be blamed on him, only he) and only he, once you told him he would be gloriously famous and stand on the hill and be celebrated for ending the pandemic and the virus, and that you could take a 15 year vaccine development process and do it in 4 months. Only he I argue, could fall for it, that bull sh*t deceit, for he did not stop and think the impossibility of that, and that even Grade 11 biology students today told me their basic immunology and virology and biology courses told them IMPOSSIBLE and could not be safety tested.

Unless you stop the democrats, they will steal it! It is that simple. Each time. Why would they not? I wager repubs would do same but have not quite had the chance to run the underworld the same way in DC YET. They know their enemy, democrats know the enemy is the pusillanimous ‘wine and cheese’ country-club republicans. Might as well be competing against Bambi the lamb. With pink bows on her ears. A lamb always playing among a pack of wolves. How do you think it would end for Bambi or Lambsie the lamb?

They ALL got COVID money…many in congress, I WILL wager, have hands in the COVID relief money till, happened all over the world, so why not in DC and US proper? Go see who bought new homes and foreign bank accounts filled now, go see who sent Sally and Johnny to high priced boarding schools on accounts of COVID money, wink wink, who set up contracting companies as COVID started, go see who got rich off unnecessary stimulus money under Trump and now Biden, go see which family members and homies got COVID money, go see, if you want to, just like examine the surnames of those in congress and see which young people **cough cough** kids and grandkids** cough cough** of congress are on those UKRAINE contracts. see which surnames, see if any are familiar. Just curious. I am. Are you not?

It is a game people, a vicious deadly Washington game of loss, that we are part of and we do not even know we are playing in it. Or at least people are playing for us!

Our democracy is being stolen as you watch NFL today!

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"Pelosi says members urging her to consider House leadership again"; that's code for para the steal is in, let it bake in a bit more for the public then we announce the remaining seats; IN YOUR FACE!
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