'RFK Jrs. sex diary: His secret journal of affairs'; IMO, who cares? Same like Trump, POTUS '45', these are men who love the women, players, heterosexual, white, christian, alpha, leaders, lust demons

by Paul Alexander

so what? so is Putin, these strong men love women and engage; these are not homosexual pink poissy hat wearing males, no no no, yet we punish them for that? I say no! why character kill?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s journal is full of mistresses and Catholic guilt. The Post also exclusively revealed RFK’s secret slams against Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Governor Cuomo – and insight on his days full of celebrities, yachts and falcons.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. grappled with what he called his biggest defect — “my lust demons” — while keeping a scorecard of more than two dozen conquests, according to his secret diary.

The thick, red journal was found in their home by his wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, who, distraught over their impending divorce and Kennedy’s serial philandering, committed suicide last year.’

I will take this all day long over that transgender bullshit, and all that filth. Men with their ball sacks hanging out as they swing on poles in front of little kids as their reckless dangerous parents smile in their wokeness looking on.

You have crack whore Hunter and his laptop from hell, why not show us the pictures, well, we saw them, but why not focus on that? or talk about other famous diaries we have heard about and the content? hhhmmm? Maxwell’s? print all of her clients, all the congresspersons, senators, high level societal people? what about being ‘wiped too late’ when I was not a child para…why not focus on that Mr. Media? or showering with my father para when I was not a child???? lets talk about that will we, for that itself is very troubling. We have Caligula up in the house yet you are getting the vapors over an alpha heterosexual man who loves women…talk about Caligula we have in the famous house running things.

Kennedy says he has the goods, the ‘receipts’ so to speak, so let us hear him out, have good debates, let us listen for he can’t do worse than his democrat POTUS Biden or the party he belongs to that has destroyed America and minorities with its ‘Great Society’ et al.

Don’t get me wrong, there is tragedy and pain often when there is similar behavior but that is between adults and let chips fall always…and no doubt women at no time must be advantaged or relegated or demeaned and subjugated. Never. Cheating? If thats the topic, then let adults handle it and make decisions. But be warned, there is data now showing women cheat more than men (married women) and for various reasons. This stack is not about that however for I am not an expert in this. This stack is about a slow kill, slow roll assassination of Kennedy’s morality and character when we have people screwing their animals in their homes. I say ‘enough’.

Let us focus on ‘what can he or she do’ to benefit the nation and world?

I support ‘45’ (Trump) hugely and never wavered, but am open to listen to Bobby (or anyone no matter party) and if he can do good by America, I want to engage him and let us allow him explain. This is not a bad person.

Trump remains my choice, hands down!

If these guys love the women, so what? If they physically abuse and batter women, another story, then we be unforgiving. We hang them even. If relations are consensual, who cares? as long as no pedophilia (under aged) like with Slick Willie and those in the crypto world that funds (as far as I know and was exposed to) DMED and Global COVID Summit etc. As long as that. I am cool with RFK Jrs. dalliances. As long as no illegality, I am cool. No violence, no abuse, physical or emotional. Note those who clutch their pearls and fish nets and get the vapors reading this are the ones who have no problem fondling the balls of little boys below bathroom stalls, many are in congress and senate and MPs and ministers…they sexually abuse children, perverts and many are trans too….they abuse their own animals on their farms and ranches, fondle their dogs, banging them, horses, chickens, even fornicate and fellate their animals I have read, shocked me, yet talk smack about RFKs dalliances? his little pleasures or as he says…his ‘lust demons’. These hypocrities running around with butt plugs as they parade in congress yet want to tell you about morality? Talk smack about RFK Jr.? I say no way, he got game, play my brother, and if you have game to run the greatest nation, BRING it!

I got no issue here, if RFK Jr. got game and can do good by America the nation, I will vote for him. If his game is only vaccine and he is against 2nd and for carbon credit madness fraud taxes, then I can’t. But I like the guy. I think principled. I think a good man under neath. Smart. Just as I like Trump. Trump is getting a raw deal, imperfect, goofy, even misguided at times but fundamentally a good man and great for America. Loves his nation, flag, anthem, police, military, constitution, borders etc. Gots my vote. Show me a democrat who checks these boxes, and I vote for them. The liberatarian conservative independent I am.