RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) enzyme is critical to the replication of genetic material in single strand RNA virus (ssRNA viruses); Dr. Zelenko reminded us this; RdRp impacted by zinc ionophores

by Paul Alexander

RdRp needed for viral genetic material replication (COVID virus needs it) but zinc negatively impacts RdRp; yet zinc cannot enter cells, needs zinc ionophores like IVERMECTIN or HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE

Viruses such as COVID virus (all strains and sub-variants), RSV, influenza, Ebola, Hanta, and Marburg can be positively impacted by the use of zinc ionophores like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. As well as Quercetin.

Those in government and CDC and NIH and FDA and Fauci et al. all know this. Doctors know this too and it is criminal what they did denying early treatment with these drugs. People died needlessly.


See this wonderful potent stack by ‘The Farm’. I took input from this for my substack.

The Farm
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