Rob Rennebohm: see the websites of his work, in unison with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche; Rob IMO has been out front educating us on the challenges of the current COVID pandemic & vaccine (see GVB's book)

by Paul Alexander

the response to it & particularly the COVID gene injection platform that has not been successful as to protection and the horrors of the evolution of the pathogen to the vax Ab pressures placed on it

This is Geert’s new book and I urge you to read it, it is a schooling like no other and will help us further understand the grave mistake of vaccinating a population while there is ongoing massive infectious pressure with mounting immune pressure (vaccinal antibodies) that is sub-optimal (not fully develop, arriving at it’s ‘full affinity’ for the antigen):

I want to direct you to Rob’s work and ask you to read and support his efforts, please share it:

The Ecology of the Human Immune Ecosystem

 Why Have Dr. Vanden Bossche’s Concerns Received Little Attention?