Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains CDC's ACIP 15-0 vote to add the COVID failed ineffective harmful mRNA vaccines to the child immunization schedule as a liability shield: Once it becomes an approved vax

by Paul Alexander

that shield, that freedom from immunity disappears, and we will be able to sue them, unless it’s a recommended vaccine for children for under the childhood vaccine act, a child approved vax is immune

CDC and it’s ACIP advisory group has lost all credibility. There is absolutely no clinical data to support this move by CDC. None. Therefore we really do not need CDC, NIH, FDA etc. We do not. They do not use data or science. We have never ever added a vaccine to the child immunization schedule without clinical data to support the decision. Here they did just that, with no clinical data.

So this was a game all along, the FDA was NEVER ever going to give the vaccine full BLA approval as the ineffectiveness data and the harms accrued already due to the shots could not get past a BLA approval process, so they kept it under EUA, and waited to now place it on the child vaccine schedule so now it gets permanent liability protection. This is fraud, deceit, malfeasance, criminality for children will die from these shots.

Pfizer, Moderna, FDA, Fauci, Francis Collins and Azar and others were in on this day one. Day one! Azar gave this protection to them with this exact play book, this is the criminality.

It also means that they’ve given themselves a liability shield, per Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

‘Once it becomes an approved vaccine, that shield – that freedom from immunity disappears, and we will be able to sue them — unless it’s a recommended vaccine for children. Because under the childhood vaccine act, any vaccine that is recommended for children automatically receives immunity from liability even when that vaccine is given to an adult.

So Pfizer knows that it cannot afford to give an approved vaccine to any American because attorneys like me will sue them and bankrupt them overnight. We will make them pay for the entire pandemic. But if they can get it approved for children, then they’ll get immunity from liability, and they will not have to deal with the consequences of their behavior.’

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