Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s compassion is stunning; in my heart, I join him in the call for gracious mercy, compassion, humanity, forgiveness of Sirhan Sirhan; I call for Biden to also show mercy

by Paul Alexander

Gracious mercy too on the January 6th protestors; many have done nothing other than were there; yes, some engaged in wrong and the justice system handles that but must balance how caught up they were

I hoped POTUS Trump would have pardoned them but he did not; I ask POTUS Biden now to do the right thing and reach across the isle and reveal that kindness and compassion he readily talks about; if it is there and I do not doubt, then bring it out now. It is needed to help these people go home.

But Kennedy here puts us all to shame with his compassion; to have that grace and love for someone accused of killing his father, and Kennedy argues strongly that he was not the killer; he shows just how different he is from what you tend to believe; I have come to know him and he is absolutely beautiful, real deal. Gentle intellect.

Reference: Governor Newsom Should Not Block Sirhan’s Release