Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s sharing: Dr. Joe Lee's explanation of why the COVID vaccine was failed day 1 & would have never EVER worked; it's a sham' Bhakdi said so, can't hit oral nasal mucosal barrier!

by Paul Alexander

I share piece of a communication because what Dr. Lee says is simple, elegant, and profound. It is another piece to the puzzle of this fraud, this COVID judge for yourself

Similarly, Bhakdi warned us that the vaccinal induced antibodies cannot get to the nasal mucosa where the virus lands initially and where the immune response was needed. Bhakdi effectively says the vaccine is a sham, and never ever worked. Made me want to pull my hair out that they could be so stupid in so many ways. If this is so, then we are dealing with some of the most inept people in our science agencies ever.

“The COVID vaccine injected intramuscularly results in formation of COVID neutralizing antibodies in the blood.  The fatal flaw in their "neutralizing antibody" hypothesis is extremely simple.  Our lungs are basically millions of tiny air pockets within our body.  Our body is 70% water.  If our lung air spaces are unable to keep water out, we would have already drowned in our own fluids.  Our lung air spaces are surrounded by a barrier that is almost water-proof.  Water molecules are 18 Daltons in size.  COVID neutralizing antibodies are 145,000 daltons in size.  They are gargantuan molecules. THERE IS NO PATH FOR THESE COVID (vaccinal) ANTIBODIES INTO OUR LUNG AIR POCKETS which is where COVID is decimating lung cells.

This is the single largest mistake in the history of modern medicine.   There isn't a single peer reviewed paper on earth that describes an active transport mechanism that can ferry these gargantuan (vaccine induced antibodies) molecules across the lung barrier (aka, the blood lung barrier, an extremely well documented and researched area of the lung).

Dr. Fauci was informed of all this by me, well before the FDA approvals for all the various vaccines.   The CDC directors were informed.  I hired attorneys to send information to at least one hundred respected scientists and physicians, the medical leadership in this COVID pandemic. The FDA was informed and I carefully explained that if not a single FDA scientist can explain how the COVID antibody enters the lung air space, then a warning label should be added to EVERY COVID vaccine.   Instead, what the FDA did was to approve the vaccine for children and infants as young as six months.”