Robert Kennedy Jr.'s entrance into Presidential race as a challenge to POTUS Biden is the best thing that could happen to America! It demands POTUS Trump deal with devastating lockdowns & mRNA vaccine

by Paul Alexander

This is a blessing & I welcome it & Kennedy is a principled man, I am not a liberal and we do not agree on many issues but I know he loves America unlike some radical leftists in his party; excellent!

If Kennedy is not in the race, I fear Biden, DeSantis, nor Trump or anyone will deal with the catastrophic lockdown lunacy that killed so many, the school closures that killed so many, the business closures that killed so many and the fraud deadly mRNA technology based gene injections that has caused so much harm and deaths.

I think it is a very good thing he entered the race and I think if he wins the democrat nomination, it will be very excellent for America. I am on same page as Kennedy with the fraud COVID OWS vaccines and we now depend on him to force the issue and demand that Trump (who I support) and others address the issues. I wrote a substack prior and will summarize some key points here and ask Bobby to demand this as a starting point in any debate:


1)a reversal of liability protection (under PREP Act that Azar damaged America with) and make it retroactive, so that we can take all involved with any aspect of COVID from February 2020 on wards, into a court room and clean them out financially if shown wrong

2)a victim compensation fund with no award caps, for military, police and the entire population, for anyone who shows that the lockdowns, school closures etc. and the deadly mRNA technology based shot caused them harms and loss

3)a disbanding of the CDC’s corrupt dysfunctional VAERS database and initiation of a robust, complete, beta tested, high-quality adverse effects surveillance system with an acute focus on injuries due to any of the COVID vaccines

4)a committment to go after any and all who were involved in the virus (gain of function), the response, the vaccine at all levels, regardless, and to hold them accountable in proper legal inquiries and tribunals, not in the corrupt dog and pony congress and senate sham hearings, no, not that garbage, but real legal hearings with judges whereby if shown wrong, we can take all their money, imprison them and even place the death penalty on the table; if judges and legal courts show that their actions killed people, we would hang any and everyone who caused deaths recklessly in COVID, HIGH! We would hang them high!