Robert Kennedy (RFK) Jr. has challenged nutcase windbag bloviator Dr. Peter Hotez to a debate & Joe Rogan has tossed in money $ to facilitate! Love it! Yet I ask RFK to sit back, allow me chance

by Paul Alexander

to technically tear up this empty suit 'bow-tied' propagandist Hotez with the specious junk drivel he has spewed for 3 years now on COVID lockdown lunacy & the fraud vaccine; allow me Bobby!

Calm down Bobby, let me at this ‘yellow’ bow-tie ding dong. With his unscientific specious COVID tripe. Nothing this egg head has stated across 3 years has been correct, not one thing!

Word now he is digging a deep hole to hide from the likes of Bobby, McCullough, and I. Praise to Rogan for sweetening it up.