Robert Malone has now officially sued the Breggins, Dr. Peter Breggin for 25$ million because Breggins dared to question him; this is the madness we live, someone masquerading in the Freedom Movement

by Paul Alexander

suing people who started the Freedom Movement, and people in the Freedom Movement silent, pulling flint from navels hoping for a shout out from MALONE; someone said 'CENSORING'???

There is way too much time being spent of hiding someone’s lack of qualifications for that is what it is, and working to censor people. So now seems Malone wants to silence and censor people who question him. Why? Do they have something to hide? Why not debate people? Why such a destructive sweeping move to harm the reputation and livelihood of good people who have done more for the cause and movement than you? This makes no sense and is very troubling.

Why would he do this to good people? His, Malone’s credibility is now over! Does this idiot not know he is suing a member of our family? People we love dearly? Does he know as he sued Dr. Breggin he is battling with COVID? A serious bout and thank God for the bravery and love of Drs. McCullough and Thorp who are providing expert one on one care to him and family. Huge love and respects for these two brave doctors. Their heads are not up their asses like many doctors in this very same COVID Freedom movement, who would prefer (for some ‘scraps’ for that is what this is about, some clicks and likes and followers’ and the ‘promise’ of money, not real money; no integrity and I have lost all respect for them, ALL) to watch a giant in the movement, a brave Patriot like Peter Breggin and his magnificent wife Ginger be bullied and harassed and character assassinated by Malone. To be attacked with venom by Breggin now using law suits as his weapon. To chill and silence any critics.

Yes, I am upset too by this for this is bully tactics.

Look, eff you Robert, I call it as I see it. Your mRNA technology has killed hundreds of thousands, sits at the very core of the COVID gene injection and you MUST be questioned about it. All aspects of it and especially how it can be turned off. Not your lackies….YOU! It is insanity that someone who proclaims to have invented a mRNA technology that is killing people, and has benefitted from people supporting you with their money, donating to them, seeking answers, yet the very person is not questioned about it. I do not mean they write statements and read it out and write a substack with their lawyer. I mean answer serious real questions from serious unconflicted scientists about the harms the very mRNA technology has caused and how to address it. Why has the Freedom movement media helped create a persona that is a lie? And continue to perpetuate it? And not done their jobs if they were credible media.

And don’t come writing any crap about your horse and that bull, enough of that Robert! We don’t care! We just want answers. Real questions and answers.

Why not allow Dr Henry Ealy interview you and ask the right questions? Or Dr. Peter McCullough, the leader of the Freedom Movement? Why not Dr. Harvey Risch? Or Dr. Ramin Oskoui? These are serious intellectual scientists who do not benefit from you. Why not consider it? It will help your credibility.

The word is Malone seeks to put a chill and bully people into silence, so as to not question him about his deadly mRNA technology at the core of the COVID injections. Censorship. Silencing.

Try silencing me Robbie. Try!

Do you think he and they can silence me? Word is (and I will give details based on how much they misbehave) Malone threatened groups I belong to that he would get donors to pull their donations so these idiots try to muscle me to not question Robbie. Not question him? Are you people eff in insane? You think you can scare or silence me?

One man, one person has bought me, I confess, owns me, my allegiance, and that is my Lord Jesus Christ with his blood. He spilled his blood for me. Only he. He bought me, with his blood, no one else can and ever will have that capacity. So you fools, you moronic op-ed people, you stupid morons who think you can muzzle me, you can take the money and shove it up your asses, and btw, you should be ashamed, threatening to censor me and others and not fund me/us yet using and flexing and talking smack with donor money? Not even your money, other people money? You dangling other people money? You are so shameful, do you have any shame or self respect? Prostrating yourself like little 2 dollar whores, for a shout out. And you stand by as the Breggins get attacked and you say nothing? You know I know and you know who I am referring to, you are like nothing now to me, you sold the Breggins and McCullough and Risch out for ‘would be money’. God, I wish I knew this earlier, you would have never had the chance to converse with me. You ‘little’ people.

Why don’t you go buy lots of popcorn and sit back for the summer and enjoy! Watch me, all you head up your ass Freedom Movement doctors, scientists who have allowed this usurper come into a family and hurt good people.

Its all about pimping money off donors and suing people for money….money money, money, that’s it…only about the money.

How shameful Robert that you would do this to the Breggins, and your actions places them in harms way and you have a way of writing on Twitter to incite violence on people, you tried that with my family. Please do not do that with the Breggins. I am reading your TWITTER and I am warning you, I will hand it to law enforcement if you do. If I see them threatened in any way.

You knew day one, based on your own mRNA work etc. and the mRNA liposome complex (LNPs etc.) could not stay in the injection site, and was designed to spread throughout the entire body including the brain, the liver and female ovaries. You knew this yet was silent. This IMO was criminally negligent by you. This should have raised red flags everywhere and you should have warned the world, particularly when there was zero data of what the short, medium & long term devastating adverse effects and deaths that this would cause. You sat back and let these mRNA technology gene shots to be rolled out, you sat silent as it got EUA by the FDA, and you KEPT QUIET about the fact that mRNA would spread through the entire body. And be catastrophic and you knew it. You knew it would leave the injection site, you knew it would reverse transcribe into cellular DNA and be catastrophic for humanity, you knew mRNA injections was potentially changing mitochondrial translation of mRNA. So many wrong deadly actions yet you kept silent. You knew it would cross the placenta, cross breast milk. You know it was never safety tested, yet said nothing when you should have.

Have you been playing a game, a word salad game, with the mRNA technology in defending it while saying it is not good, yet saying take it, but it is not good, but take it, etc. etc. etc., because you benefitted from patents and made money and are still trying to capitalize on patents back from when you helped to develop it? Is this so? I do not know and ask for this is in the public space. I am trying to understand your ambivalent statements.

Enough with the damn horses and farm and trips man, just tell us how to stop the actions of the mRNA technology you said you invented? Enough about the theories and the 5G bull shit, enough, we know the game. We know the misdirection. Give people enough credit, they are smarter than to fall for that crap.

Some kind of antidote to save lives for the shot is killing people and your mRNA (if Karina is a liar) is at the core of the deadliness of the shot. Antidote Robbie, antidote.

Your mistake is smearing and slandering and causing death threats on me on Twitter etc. You thought I was one of your ass sucking lackies. Big mistake homie. Big mistake. Until your go back on your Twitter etc. and publicly apologize, and I accept it, that is all I seek (not one penny from your donor money), then I will question you about your wrongs openly and support anyone you attack. Without question. So do the right thing and you won’t have to deal with proper questions to you and your mRNA technology. That for the first time will save lives. You see Robert, you cannot have a scientific discussion with me and you know it, or McCullough, or even Breggin, they know it, your lackies know it so crowd around you to limit people getting at you to raise key questions. We know, remember I was part of your group so know what the plans are and were, I was in those discussions. ‘Crowd around, come in numbers, protect Robert for he cannot properly answer tough questions, he does not understand the science’. I was there, remember. I know all about how your little ‘COVID group’ operates. I know the ‘persona’ thing, **wink wink**. We gotta keep the persona thing going, the make believe **wink wink**.

So they are hiding you from from us. The likes of us. It is likely you do lack the depth and breadth to have real scientific discussions on this very thing you said you developed. Many say so, they may be right. Why not prove them wrong? Sorry, your suit to Breggins means no more excuses or games. You have entered a new place for you have gone after our brother and sister. I will call it as it is. You are inept in immunology, virology, vaccinology even. You hide because you are. You made a devastating error in judgement bringing that mRNA technology (well, not you, you were just a small part) if you really did. For what reason? Where was the benefit save for money and some twisted fame??? It kills. Period, nothing about it is safe. And you knew it. You and they never tested it for safety.

I have no issue saying it, I know you. I know your ability. I realize you are an expert pipetting chemist and I will not go into your lane in that. But anywhere else, I am game, we are game. So it is time you faced real questions about your deadly mRNA technology. That is all we seek, answers to key questions that would save lives. It will save lives if you allow sound scientists to unpack the issue and try to cut behind the madness. We want to save lives. Help us! We ask you for the help! I really ask you hoping you come clean and allow a full accounting of the mRNA technology issues.

So anyplace, anytime to your liking, why don’t we or whomever you chose, talk? We will also donate every penny to those families with loved ones killed by your mRNA technology…how is that?

And I know you and your clan, your lackies hang on my stacks. I wrote this for you. Just for you.

More to come though. I stand with Breggins. Fully. And McCullough. And all under attack by Malone. I have serious questions about Malone. His mRNA technology has killed hundreds of thousands. He has to answer to it. Not his lackies **cough cough Richard cough cough**, ….him. Let him pull on his big boy drawers and answer questions. No need rushing out each time someone calls Malone out. Stop embarrassing yourself, you are discrediting yourself! Let him face the questions.

Again, an antidote Robert, an antidote. Something that could help. At the very least. Something, not just money making and camera and shows. No, give the people something for the money they dish out to this movement. For their loses, those deaths, due to your technology.